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Guests rooms in the heart of Normandy

Inspired by the past life of the château, our rooms illustrate various different ambiances you would find in an aristocrat’s country manor. Our research, personal tastes and family furniture have were all a part of the renovation works we did on the manor between December 2018 and June 2019.


“Les Abeilles”

Passionate about beekeeping, we designed the wallpaper motif, which also recalls the Empire period, when the Salverte family often resided in the château. The honey from our hives will be served for breakfast in the near future. 

“Les Romantiques”

This room is a nod to the warm atmosphere established by Normandy writers and painters. There are lots of old books for book lovers. 

“Les Architectes”

On a theme that is dear to us, we have selected and then pasted these classic architectural drawings on the walls. The decor is acompanied by a Slavic blue, a colour that evokes the stay of the Czar Paul 1st in the region. 

“Les Écossais”

The decor is enveloped in elegant tartans in combination with leather and mahogany furniture. This quiet room has a great view of the whole surrounding countryside.

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    Included services…


    Wifi access is available for your digital media.  

    Produce on sale

    The produce from the hives and medicinal plants is on sale. 

    Private car park

    Walled car park in front of the château. Accessible by remote control.

    Citroën 2CV rental

    Rental of vintage cars and electric bikes. 

    Picnic basket

    We can prepare you a picnic basket.


    Included in the price of your reservation.

    22 Chemin de Salverte, 27370, Le Bosc du Theil, France